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Firmstone Drives and Patios specialize in installing high quality tarmac drives and pathways. In recent times high quality bitumen driveways have been built to be suitable for frequently trafficked areas.

Tarmac is a very popular choice due to its hard wearing nature and the colours options available.

To avoid the surface from cracking Firmstones team of tarmac installers ensure the surface is properly prepared prior to tarmac being laid. All our tarmac driveways are dug out and stoned up to a thickness of 4 to 8 inches depending on the ground underneath, with type 1 hardcore and compacted with a roller. The tarmac is laid in two layers, the base course will be around 50mm thick when rolled and the top course will be around 25mm thick when rolled.

We offer a choice of red or black quality top coats.

A well laid tarmac driveway is exceptional value for money and can last for many years.

If you existing tarmac driveway is in need of attention and displaying cracked or failing tarmac speak to us about our restoration service. Contact us today to arrange a site visit or call us on 0208 485 9691.